LX Navigation has been a leading producer of gliding instruments for over 40 years and has delivered over 15,000 units the majority being gliding computers and flight recorders. Within this total are no less than 7,000 Flarm units!  A wide spectrum of products has been offered ranging from basic club through to World Championship level. During the past 3 years LX Navigation has been steadily building up its team of talented young engineers and software developers with the intent to develop a whole new range of products using the latest state of the art technologies. LX Navigation strives to offer the glider pilot the latest and most advanced systems whilst still delivering great value for money.  The LX Navigation philosophy of having products to suit every pocket remains a priority.


LX Zeus 8.0/7.0/5.5


LX Zeus 8.0, 7.0 and 5.5 Flight Computers

LX EOS Vario


LX EOS Vario/Flight Computer



 LX Flarm Mobile stand alone unit.